Chinese Tea

These fragrant, warm, and refined teas from China are perfect for the true tea connoisseur.

To get the most out of these teas, steep a small amount of tea in fresh, slightly cooled water. Steep them again and again - each repeat will bring you a deeper, more complex flavour.


Phoenix Mountain is an elegant oolong tea from Guangdong, China. This flowery, aromatic tea is said to be beneficial for those with diabetes, eczema, or allergies.


Also known as Tieguanyin, after the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. This oolong from Fujian, China, has a warm and refined sweetness that will linger on your palette long after your last sip.


This green tea is almost unbelievably fragrant. The hand-rolled "pearls" will slowly unfurl as you steep. Sip this tea for tranquil moods and lower cholesterol. Steep this tea in 80° water for 2 - 3 minutes. This tea can be steeped over and over until the pearls have completely unfurled.


There are two types of pu’er tea. Shou pu’er (or cooked, ripe, or black pu’er) is earthy, rich, and dark. Sheng pu’er (or uncooked, raw, or green pu’er) is more complex, sweeter, and smoother. Pu’er tea is thought to aid digestion and the breaking down of fat. Pu'er is heartier than oolong, so steep this one in boiling water!